The Terra Alta closes within its boundaries a variety of landscapes, thanks to the low industrialization, has survived in an almost virgin, so it could be described as a rural paradise.

In the region of Terra Alta stands out from other towns Horta de San Joan for its unique architecture and privileged. Not surprisingly, the great painter Picasso began his Cubist period in this population.

Horta de Sant Joan is nailed in the Natural Parc of els Ports in the park where you can play all kinds of sports related to nature:

  • Hiking 
  • Canyoning 
  • trekking 
  • Riding 
  • Bungee Jumping

Also bike tours for Greenway, a former railroad track restored exclusively for hiking and cycling, where you can see the landscapes are spectacular.


Former railway carrying coal mining Teruel to the port of San Carles de la Ràpita.
It is now a paved road to travel exclusively by bicycle or walks.
Today it is one of the main assets of the region for so scenic route and spectacular views.

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Located in the old Hospital seeks to recall and display the works painted by Picasso lived in Horta de San Joan in two stages, in 1898 and 1909. A sentence celebrate the painter was “everything I know I learned in Horta.”

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The eco-museum is located in the historic center of Horta, its function is to provide information about the land, people and their natural and cultural heritage. It is a hub from which you can initiate visits to the area.

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The Ports Natural Park is a mountain range where the municipality of Horta de Sant Joan occupies 5,100 hectares. It is an unspoiled and full of wildlife.
Within the park could make countless trips and walks, climbing and enjoy amazing views and observing wildlife and native flora such as ibex or several species of raptors.

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06-convent garden
The convent of San Salvador is a monastery at the foot of the mountains of Santa Barbara.

is believed to have been founded by the Templars in the thirteenth century. When the order was suppressed by the hospital since the early sixteenth century the convent was occupied by Franciscan monks established. One of the monks was Pladevall and Well Salvador (San Salvador de Horta), holy people Horta loves because he was a humble and kind man, thanks to the miraculous cures which the monastery became a place of pilgrimage for people from all the state.

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The people and the environment Horta de San Juan is a place of great interest, both for the beauty of the town itself and its history.
Horta is a town that has an ancient, medieval, and modern area.
In the old part of the area found the “castle”, so called because the town was walled in a stunning castle.
It is a perfect place to stroll along the narrow streets and admire the construction of stone houses or visit all attractions of the people we place: the arcaded square, the prison, the eco-museum, the Picasso museum etc.

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