Our accommodation consists of 5 rooms:
2 bedrooms with double beds
2 bedrooms
1 triple

All rooms are equipped with bed linen and towels.

The house consists of two floors, with a capacity for 11 people. On the second floor there are five bedrooms: four doubles and one triple. Both have room. We have two cot beds.



Accommodation rustic rooms with double and single. All rooms have natural light and heated. The wooden furniture is traditional region of Terra Alta. They are located on the first floor and have two bathrooms.

All are built with traditional materials, stone, wood beams, original windows and walls Kingfisher, which in its time was believed to scare away ‘evil spirits’ and wearing ‘good luck’.

Two of the rooms have a living room style suite with a fireplace to warm the intermediate zones, which are areas in all rooms and quick access from one to the other room.



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